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Special Promotion


Spa Manicure & Pedicure combo  $42
Spa Manicure  $15
Include trim, shape, buff, cuticle cleaning, massage and polish
First Lady Manicure  $20
 Include trim, shape, buff, cuticle cleaning, sugar scrub, massage and polish.
Organic Manicure  $25
 Include trim, shape, buff, cuticle cleaning, sugar scrub and then your hands will be wrapped in warm towels along with Paraffin Wax, then massaged with lotion and polished.
Candle Manicure  $20
 Include trim, shape, buff, cuticle cleaning, as we burn a scented candle. We”ll then Massage your hands and arms using the candle wax. Lastly, we will apply polish.
Spa Pedicure  $28
Sit, relax and enjoy our spa pedicure chair while we trim, shape, clean cuticles and your feet and legs are exfoliated with lotion. Callus treatment along with warm towel wraps, massage and polish.
Jelly Pedicure  $35
Relax your senses while your feet soak in a warm tub of jelly. Then we will trim, shape, clean cuticles, and massage your legs and feet. Jelly Pedi provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It also helps exfoliate as well as hydrate dry skin.
First Lady Pedicure  $40
 Relax your senses while your feet begin to soak in soften bath of fragrant from  Organic spa the all natural product. You will be massaged with softening lotion and sloughing scrub, which is used for light exfoliation. Your feet will be treated to a paraffin wax followed by cooling gel and wrapped in hot towels.
Organic Spa Pedicure  $50
These special ingredients were blended together into a 100% gentle and natural exfoliator to renew your skin cells and restore moisture with products of Organic Spa. Organic Spa Pedicure is a combination of First Lady Spa along with mudmask and deep hot rocks.